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Things To Think About Before Buying Or Adopting A New Puppy

The best puppy parents are informed parents. These Forever Families have taken the time to research the breed, they have considered temperament needs, health of the parent dogs, overall health of the breed, costs involved in raising a dog, grooming, daily care needs and nutritional needs . These families have taken into consideration the time commitment it will take to raise an emotionally balanced puppy.

We ask all our forever families to watch multiple puppy raising and training videos before bringing puppy home. We do this because we want adoptions to be successful and we want placements to last a lifetime. If you need ideas on what puppy raising videos to watch please head on to our "Resource Page" in the website and look at the videos listed.

Before deciding to get a puppy consider the following:

1) Am I ready to commit for puppy's lifetime?

2) Am I ready to provide for this puppy's well being? Do I know how much to budget for my puppy's vet visits, grooming, training & care while I'm away?

3) Do I have time to devote spending quality time with my puppy socializing and training him/her?

4) Will you be training your puppy on your own or joining puppy classes? Do you have the time &/or financial commitment to do this?

5) Budget, budget , budget! Make sure you can afford to provide for the following: puppy initial vaccines, yearly booster vaccines, monthly dewormers and heartworm medicine, grooming every 5 to 6 weeks, pet food, pet care while away, pet health insurance (if needed), puppy supplies(toys, pee pads, doggy bags, treats, leash, collar, crate, bed, brush, bowls, enzyme cleaning products), & yearly license with your county.

Raising a puppy is a big commitment. It can be very rewarding but at times it could also be frustrating if we do not have the right expectation or plans. The more you research and plan for your puppy's arrival the better prepared you will be to welcome in your new furry best friend. All your planning will reap a harvest of well being for both you and your pup!

Plan, Budget, Research, Commit and then enjoy the harvest!


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