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Guardian Homes-
Guardian Homes are an integral part of our program. We want all our puppies and adult dogs to be loved and to live happy, healthy lives. 
Thru our guardian program we are able to provide a puppy (after payment of a deposit, fully refundable by the end of the contract agreement) to a loving family, while at the same time retaining that dog in our breeding program for a total of approximately 4 to 6 years.  We can only choose very few families for our Guardian Homes Program each year.  If you are interested in becoming a Guardian Home,  please fill out the Guardian Home Application below. If your application is selected, I will then contact you to discuss the Guardian Homes Program Contract Details. 

 Check the top of this page to see if we are accepting applications.  You must live within 1 hour drive from Kent, Washington to qualify. 
Thinking of becoming a Guardian Home for one of our babies? Ask yourself the following questions.

Am I willing to follow feeding/food guidelines?
Am I  willing to pay for all my dogs vet bills, preventative, & sick visits?
Am I willing to get dog health insurance for the entirety of the contract agreement?
Am I  willing to keep my dog groomed, well taken care of  & much loved all the time?
Am I willing to bring my dog to the breeders home within 24 hours notice when needed for breeding or other needs?
Am I willing to have the dog spend around 6 to 7 weeks at breeders home during each pregnancy?
Am I willing to make sure my dog is well socialized and well mannered?
Am I willing to let the breeder know when the dog will be groomed so that the breeder may take pictures before/after grooming?
Am I willing to bring dog to the vet for breeding and health related testing with a  2 to 7 days notice? 
Am I willing to follow breeders requirements (within the contract) in order to keep dog safe, healthy and happy?
Am I willing to give the dog required pre and post natal vitamins?
Am I willing to pay full price for a puppy and then get reimbursed a percentage of that amount after each successful pregnancy? (up to and no more than 3 successful pregnancies)
If you answered yes to all these questions, you may be a good candidate for our Guardian Home Program.  

1) Fill out a Guardian Home application below.
2) If application is selected, we will contact you to discuss contract details. 
3) I will email you the Guardian Home Contract, Reservation Fee Agreement & answer any questions you may have. 
4) Print and sign the Guardian Home Contract, Reservation Fee Agreement. Send me the signed contracts in the mail along with your $500 reservation fee
5)Your name will be placed in the Guardian Home waiting list.

Rainier Labradoodles Guardian Home Application

Thank you for submitting a Guardian Home Application.

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