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*Accepting Applications 2023 Litters
*Application at the bottom of this page

Adopting a Puppy

     A fellow professional Australian Labradoodle breeder,  said something to me that has proven to be very true and wise. I'd like to pass this nugget of wisdom on to you. She said "Not all breeders are what they seem, so do your research". This is very good advice. After all, you are bringing a new family member into your life. You want to make sure you've selected a puppy from a caring and responsible breeder that pays close attention not solely to good looks but also to temperament, breed standards and most importantly health. A breeder who has cared for the puppies as if they were going to join her/his own family.

*Check out our blog for a comprehensive plan to choose a quality breeder, you'll also find a PDF of the form I use under the tab "Adopting a Puppy" then "Adopting A Puppy PDFs"

Application Process-

    Currently,we plan two litters a year and only accept 8 to 10 puppy reservations and 2 puppy guardian home reservations. These are the steps once you decide you would like to adopt a puppy from us:

1) Fill Out A Puppy Application Below

It's very important that we place our babies in families that will love them and care for them. If you decide to reserve a puppy, please fill out the application below. We want to get to know as much as we can from our babies prospective future families. 

2)Your Puppy Application Needs To Be Approved.

Once I receive your application I will review it and contact you between 1 to 3 days.  

3) After Your Application Has Been Approved It's Time To Pay The  Initial  deposit.

If your application has been approved  then its time to pay the initial deposit. Please know, I am only able to reserve a puppy after the deposit has been paid. If we are unable to provide you with a puppy from this year's litters due to litter size (or any other circumstances), we will either refund your deposit or give you the option of staying in the waiting list for the next litter , this would be your choice. However, if the applicant just changes their mind or circumstances change, the deposit will not be refunded ,as most likely, I would have had to turn down other prospective families in order to hold your reservation. I have no interest in keeping your money. This is not a source of income for us, it is a labor of love. However, if you are committed to buying a puppy from us and you choose to reserve a puppy, I will have to turn away other prospective families. The deposit also ensures I get only serious inquiries.

4) Pay The Rest Of The Balance. The rest of the balance can be paid in two installments. The first one when the puppies turn 4 weeks old. The second one when the puppies turn 6 weeks old

What to expect after your name is in the waiting list- 

*Once you place an initial deposit for a puppy I will send you a copy of the puppy sales contract, and spay/neuter contract  for your review. These need to be signed and sent back by the time the first half of payment is due.

*Once pregnancy is confirmed, I will contact you and let you know when is the expected due date.

*I will be posting weekly pictures of the puppies in our Facebook page and in Instagram.

*Puppy selection will be done during the 5th week after the  puppies birth.  Please know we always reserve the right to first pick of  2 puppies in every litter.  In other words, the first 2 spots in the wait list for each and every litter are reserved for Rainier Labradoodles.We will not always keep puppies from every litter but we reserve that right.

*Please know all our puppies live in our home. We will schedule a mutually convenient time during the 5th week after their birth, for you to visit the puppies. We will schedule at least one visit per family. (In order to keep everyone healthy we will not be able to do visits as long as Covid is not under control. We will do videos instead. I apologize for the inconvenience. We will resume visits when the coronavirus emergency is lifted)

*Puppies must be picked up the 8th to 9th week after the puppies birth. 

Pick up and delivery options-

*Pick up will be at our home

*We may be able to deliver to other states.  Delivery would incur an extra fee. Please know, delivery is not always available and the prices will vary depending on ticket prices. *Another option would be, you are welcome to fly to Seattle/Tacoma airport where someone from our team would pick you up, bring you to our home, deliver the puppy and bring you back to the airport that same day.

*We do not ship puppies in cargo.

Step 1 - Fill out puppy application.

Rainier Labradoodles Puppy Application

Thank you for submitting a Puppy Application.

Step 2 - Once the application is approved, it is time to pay the non refundable reservation fee. Please do not make any payments until your application is approved. 
Step 3- After your application has been approved and you have paid your reservation fee,  your name will be placed in the waiting list .
Step 4- Pay the 1st half and 2nd half on the designated days. Please wait to pay this until the amount is confirmed thru text or email. Texts will come from my phone number, emails will come from 
Before sending any payments please verify that confirmation texts and/or emails came from our number and/or email. 
We accept Zelle or personal check. Please note, personal checks are only accepted until 2 weeks before your puppy pick up day. 
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